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The "IRS Audit"

“IRS tax audit” may be three of the most terrifying words in the history of the English language. However, there’s no reason to fear an IRS audit when you have tax representation from experienced professionals at O’Brien and Panchuk.O’Brien and Panchuk has represented countless individuals and small businesses facing IRS income tax audits.

Our years of experience gives us an in-depth understanding of the IRS’s objectives and how they operate, which enables us to help answer their questions and resolve issues with tax returns.With tax representation from O’Brien and Panchuk, you don’t have to worry about handling all the details involved in an income tax audit. You can have the peace of mind of knowing that we are working on your behalf to resolve the issue as quickly and favorably as possible.

How the IRS Audit Process Works

An IRS audit is a review of an individual’s or business’s accounts and financial information to determine if the information is reported correctly and in compliance with federal tax laws, as well as confirm that the amount of tax reported and paid is correct.

Being targeted for a tax audit doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve made a mistake on your tax return or that the IRS thinks you’re guilty of underreporting income. The IRS selects federal tax returns for audit using one of several methods:
The IRS compares filed returns against “norms” for similar returns, based on random selection and computer screening, which is typically based on a statistical formula. Filed returns are analyzed by an experienced auditor, who may accept them as filed or flag them if there are questionable items. In this case, the group manager looks at rules particular to the specific industry (for business returns) and either accepts the return or assigns it to an auditor for additional review. The auditor can either accept the review or conduct an audit, which can be done in person or by mail.
The IRS will examine a taxpayer’s records — such as W-2 and 1099 forms — to determine if the information reported on the tax return matches the information in the records. If it doesn’t match, the return may be flagged for a mail or in-person audit.
The IRS will check to see if a tax return is related or linked to issues or transactions with other taxpayers — such as business partners or investors — whose returns are being audited. If so, the related tax return may be flagged for a mail or in-person audit.
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Taxpayer’s Rights during an Audit

As a taxpayer, you have specific rights in the IRS audit process. These generally include the following:
Professional and courteous treatment by IRS employees.
Privacy and confidentiality with regard to your tax matters. This includes being informed of the reasons why the IRS is requesting information, how the IRS plans to use this information, and the consequences of not providing this information.
The right of representation either by yourself or an authorized professional representative.
The right to appeal a disagreement through the IRS appeals process and the federal courts, if necessary.

“Great work follows great fit. We  promise our clients award‑winning and  strategically designed experiences for a  digitally driven world.”

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“Great work follows great fit. We  promise our clients award‑winning and  strategically designed experiences for a  digitally driven world.”

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