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There are two main reasons why many small business owners work with a CPA to prepare their business tax returns. First, it ensures that the business tax return is prepared accurately and that all available deductions, credits and other tax breaks are realized. And second, it frees up the business owner to stay focused on managing and growing the business.

By letting the experts at O’Brien and Panchuk handle tax preparation for you, you’ll have more time and energy to spend operating your business, which is what you do best. There’s no reason for you to spend your valuable time working on your business tax return when we can do this job better, faster and more efficiently.

O’Brien and Panchuk have worked with countless business owners to help ensure that they neither underpay nor overpay their taxes. Underpayment can lead to costly tax penalties, while overpayment will crimp cash flow and ding profits. Our tax partners have a combined 45 years of experience in preparing business tax returns. Therefore, you will receive high-level tax planning expertise without the red tape and bureaucracy of a big-city CPA firm.

How We’re Different

Some CPA firms have an assembly-line mentality, looking to prepare and file as many tax returns as they can, as fast as they can. Instead, O’Brien and Panchuk takes the time to learn about each client’s unique circumstances so we can plan strategies designed specifically for them.Our individual tax preparation services are accurate, thorough and affordable — you don’t have to sacrifice any one of these key variables. As a client of O’Brien and Panchuk, you will enjoy the benefit of our services, which are delivered according to our high standards of thoroughness and pain-staking accuracy.

We strive to provide exceptional value and a high return on your investment in individual tax preparation services.Our tax experts have studied the U.S tax code and relevant state and local tax regulations inside-out to ensure that you receive the maximum benefit and best potential tax outcomes for your situation. Before beginning work on your return, we will ask you questions and discuss issues that are critical to a successful outcome, as well as examine previous years’ tax returns. Based on this research, we will formulate a tax strategy designed to meet your tax and financial goals.
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We’re a progressive Tax CPA firm that focuses on each on our clients’ needs and circumstances to provide tailored services and solutions that address their situation. It’s not the “one size fits” all approach that you find at the big box store—it’s a calculated and measured process to ensure that the result is only the very best.

Your best interest

Importantly, we take a big-picture, multi-year look at your tax situation to make sure that your taxes are reduced over the long term, not just this year. This includes implementing such strategies as income shifting and income splitting when they are appropriate for reducing your long-term tax burden.

Working with O’Brien and Panchuk on business tax return preparation takes all the guesswork out of things. You can be sure that your business tax returns will be prepared thoroughly, accurately and on time — and that all of the deductions, credits and other tax breaks available to your business are maximized. For example, manufacturers may be entitled to the Domestic Production Activities Deduction (DPAD) and business that hire certain employees from certain targeted groups may qualify for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).

Perhaps most importantly, you can rest assured that O’Brien and Panchuk always has your business’s best interests in mind with every decision that is made. We operate with the highest levels of integrity, honesty and trustworthiness at all times.

“Great work follows great fit. We  promise our clients award‑winning and  strategically designed experiences for a  digitally driven world.”

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“Great work follows great fit. We  promise our clients award‑winning and  strategically designed experiences for a  digitally driven world.”

Thomas Doe | business OWNER
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